East Midlands Ranger Area Station #65 – Melton Mowbray

On Monday 25th April, I visited Melton Mowbray at the third attempt. My first attempt in November was thwarted by the weather, my second in January was ended by a cancelled train, but there were no such problems this time, apart from another cancelled train. I was able to catch an earlier one, so it…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #65 – Melton Mowbray

Staffordshire Stations – Penkridge

On a very cold and very early Saturday morning, 9th April 2022, I travelled to the historic Staffordshire village of Penkridge, five miles from Stafford. I had to catch three trains to get there, changing at Tamworth and at Stafford. I left Burton on Trent at 06:20 and arrived at Penkridge less than an hour…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Penkridge

The Lost Pubs of Burton on Trent

The brewing capital of the United Kingdom, Burton upon Trent, has kept the United Kingdom and the wider world in beer for hundreds of years. The special qualities of the water table underneath the town, with its underground gypsum deposits, was perfect for brewing beer. That led to many local breweries being established, the biggest…… Continue reading The Lost Pubs of Burton on Trent