Anslow, Staffordshire

Anslow is a small village to the north-west of Burton upon Trent, and one which I have walked to many times in the last few years. It’s a rural village, with many old houses, including barn conversions, and some modern houses. The centre of the village has a primary school (The Mosley Academy), a pub…… Continue reading Anslow, Staffordshire

Secrets of Burton #2 – The Trent Bridge Area

Following on from the post about the relics of the old Bass brewing company in Burton, I wanted to share some more secrets of Burton on Trent which are hiding in plain sight. Things which people pass by every day and not even give a second glance to. All of these are located in or…… Continue reading Secrets of Burton #2 – The Trent Bridge Area

Staffordshire Stations – Bilbrook and Codsall

As part of my ongoing quest to visit every railway station in Staffordshire, I crossed two very close stations off the list, in the villages of Bilbrook and Codsall, in the very south of Staffordshire. The trip began at Burton on Trent, as usual, and took me to Birmingham New Street station. I don’t often…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Bilbrook and Codsall

Secrets of Burton – The Bass Brewery

The Bass Brewery was founded by William Bass in Burton upon Trent in 1777, and within a century became the biggest brewer in the world. Although it wasn’t Burton’s only brewer, it was probably the most well-known around the UK and the wider world. Burtonians never tire of boasting that Bass’s famous red triangle logo…… Continue reading Secrets of Burton – The Bass Brewery

Staffordshire Stations – Lichfield City

Full disclosure before I start this blog post – I didn’t actually get on or off a train at Lichfield City station, but I’m still counting it as having been visited. My blog, my rules. My trip on Monday 12th September began at Burton New Street bus stop number 7, as I caught the 1010…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Lichfield City

Burton upon Trent – An Appreciation

Although I wasn’t born in Burton upon Trent, I have lived here for most of my life (since 2004, although I lived in nearby Swadlincote for thirteen years before that). Over the years, I have come to appreciate the town, its landmarks and its history. Burton upon Trent The town has a rich history, dominated…… Continue reading Burton upon Trent – An Appreciation

Outwoods Woodland, Burton on Trent

I’ve been back out and about again after the recent hot weather put a stop to my grand travel plans. Coincidentally, the trip I went on yesterday (Tuesday 9th August) was not the one I had originally planned, because it was too hot to travel by train. It wasn’t too hot for a morning walk…… Continue reading Outwoods Woodland, Burton on Trent

The Big Burton Carousel

Following the huge success of 2020’s Burton Swans Trail, the people behind that have launched Burton on Trent’s second sculpture trail, The Big Burton Carousel. Thirty decorated carousel horses have been installed all around Burton for people to go and visit. The trail was inspired by Orton & Spooner, a local company who produced fairground…… Continue reading The Big Burton Carousel

Burton on Trent Landmarks #15 – Magistrates Court

Standing on Horninglow Street is Burton upon Trent’s former Magistrates Court House, opened in 1910 and closed in 2016. Former Magistrates Court. To the right is the former youth court, and to the left is the former Plough Inn pub. The court house was built from 1909-1910 and was designed by local architect Henry Beck.…… Continue reading Burton on Trent Landmarks #15 – Magistrates Court

East Midlands Ranger Area Station #66 – Langwith-Whaley Thorns

Before I start the blog post proper, I think a little explanation is in order regarding the name of the place I visited on a grey and slightly rainy Friday, 20th May 2022. Langwith is actually a collection of six small settlements; Langwith, Langwith Maltings, Nether Langwith, Upper Langwith, Langwith Bassett and Langwith Junction. Whaley…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #66 – Langwith-Whaley Thorns