Tameside Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth

On Wednesday 11th May, I took an evening train from Burton on Trent down the line to Tamworth for a walk around the Tameside Local Nature Reserve, around a 25 minute walk south of the railway station. After my evening train ride and walk a few weeks ago in Ambergate and Whatstandwell, I am hoping…… Continue reading Tameside Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth

2022 Travels – Penkridge

On a very cold and very early Saturday morning, 8th April 2022, I travelled to the historic Staffordshire village of Penkridge, five miles from Stafford. I had to catch three trains to get there, changing at Tamworth and at Stafford. I left Burton on Trent at 06:20 and arrived at Penkridge less than an hour…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Penkridge

2022 Travels – Landywood, Staffordshire

As part of my mission to visit every single railway station in Staffordshire, I made huge strides towards the finish line on Wednesday 23rd March. It was an unseasonably sunny and warm day, a far cry from the storms just a couple of weeks ago as I made the three-train trip from Burton on Trent…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Landywood, Staffordshire

2022 Travels – Atherstone, Warwickshire

It was an early Saturday morning trip for me on 26th February 2022 when I visited Atherstone in Warwickshire. Atherstone was the closest station to Burton on Trent in the East Midlands Ranger Area that I had yet to visit (it’s now South Wigston in Leicestershire). This trip was originally planned for last Saturday, but…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Atherstone, Warwickshire

2021 Travels – Hinckley (featuring Nuneaton)

It was a warm and sunny summer’s day in August 2021, the 23rd to be precise, when I made the long trip to Hinckley in Leicestershire by train. It isn’t very far, but I had to take three trains there and three back. The first leg of the journey began at Burton on Trent. The…… Continue reading 2021 Travels – Hinckley (featuring Nuneaton)

Blog Review of the Year 2020 – January – March

The year 2020 will go down in history as a bit of a stinker. You know why. However, I was able to go to places I had never been to before, and have some great days out that I wouldn’t have had if I didn’t do this blog. In the next few weeks, I will…… Continue reading Blog Review of the Year 2020 – January – March

2020 Travels – Longton and Stoke on Trent

For once, the weather was kind to me on my travels today. It was a warm and sunny August day as I headed for Longton and Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. My journey began at Burton on Trent station, as usual. The station was a little bit busier than it normally is at that time, with people…… Continue reading 2020 Travels – Longton and Stoke on Trent

2019 Travels – Nuneaton, Narborough and Leicester

On Friday 7th June 2019, I knocked out another three stations as part of my ongoing East Midlands Ranger Area challenge. In fact, I took six trains to five different stations, but I had been to two of them before. It was a rainy and windy summer’s morning when I left home to start my…… Continue reading 2019 Travels – Nuneaton, Narborough and Leicester