Derbyshire Stations – Bamford

The latest journey in my quest to visit every railway station in Derbyshire took me to Bamford on a sunny day in September 2022, the 21st. The day got off to a poor start when, upon arriving in Sheffield, I discovered that my train to Bamford had been cancelled due to a broken down train.…… Continue reading Derbyshire Stations – Bamford

East Midlands Ranger Area Stations #69 & #70 – Swinderby and Hykeham

I’m getting ever closer to completing all 76 stations in the East Midlands Ranger Area, and two of them were ticked off the list on Monday 19th September 2022. It was a long trek to Lincolnshire to visit the two stations between Collingham and Lincoln; Swinderby and Hykeham. I caught the train from Burton on…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Stations #69 & #70 – Swinderby and Hykeham

Staffordshire Stations – Lichfield City

Full disclosure before I start this blog post – I didn’t actually get on or off a train at Lichfield City station, but I’m still counting it as having been visited. My blog, my rules. My trip on Monday 12th September began at Burton New Street bus stop number 7, as I caught the 1010…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Lichfield City