East Midlands Ranger Area Station #74 – Elton and Orston

On a sunny and warm May Saturday, the 20th, I took a rare Saturday afternoon trip to rural Nottinghamshire, to tick off station number 74 on the East Midlands Ranger Area list, Elton and Orston. The only other Saturday afternoon trip I can remember making was to Netherfield and Carlton, also in Nottinghamshire, back in…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #74 – Elton and Orston

Cross-City Line – Four Oaks and Sutton Coldfield

On a cloudy Thursday in May 2023, the 18th, I took myself down the Cross-City Line again, this time to Four Oaks and the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield. It took three trains to get there, changing at Tamworth and Lichfield Trent Valley. Four Oaks railway station opened in 1884, and was the original northern…… Continue reading Cross-City Line – Four Oaks and Sutton Coldfield

Staffordshire Stations – Wilnecote

Although I had technically completed all the stations in Staffordshire recently when I went to Hednesford, I had never actually done a blog post about Wilnecote station. I visited it on 26th May 2021 on an evening stroll from there to Tamworth. Nothing much happened on the way; I visited a fairly nondescript park nearby,…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Wilnecote

Staffordshire Stations – Hednesford

I have almost finished visiting every railway station in the county of Staffordshire, and on Friday 5th May, I went to Hednesford, a former coal mining town just north of Cannock. It took three trains to get there from Burton on Trent; one to Tamworth, then to Rugeley Trent Valley, and then on to Hednesford.…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Hednesford

Buxton, Derbyshire

When I first had the idea to visit every railway station in Derbyshire, I had completely forgotten that Derbyshire is absolutely massive, and it stretches out towards Manchester and Cheshire in the north. In the good old days of railways, getting to Buxton from Burton on Trent would have been simple; just a short ride…… Continue reading Buxton, Derbyshire

Monthly News – May 2023

Spring is in the air, in spite of the cold weather that has been happening in the Midlands recently. April was a busy old month for the blog, so here’s a recap of where I have been in the past month. Narborough Narborough railway station I first visited Narborough way back in June 2019, when…… Continue reading Monthly News – May 2023

South Yorkshire stations – Penistone

On a dull April day, Wednesday 19th, I visited another railway station in South Yorkshire, in the former steel town of Penistone. Penistone is just west of Barnsley. I caught the direct train from Burton on Trent to Sheffield, then had a short wait there for a train on the Penistone Line which runs between…… Continue reading South Yorkshire stations – Penistone

Cross-City Line – University & Alvechurch

It has been a short while since I last visited the Cross-City Line which runs from Lichfield Trent Valley to Bromsgrove and Redditch, and so I took a trip on Wednesday 12th April to Alvechurch, via University. The train was a lot busier than usual, because it was the Easter holidays. Normally, if I was…… Continue reading Cross-City Line – University & Alvechurch

East Midlands Ranger Area Station #73 – Lincoln

It has been a while since I visited any of the East Midlands Ranger Area stations, not since Shirebrook in November 2022. And so on a sunny spring day, March 23rd, I travelled to the cathedral city of Lincoln. It took two trains to get there in just under two hours, changing at Nottingham on…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #73 – Lincoln