Tameside Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth

On Wednesday 11th May, I took an evening train from Burton on Trent down the line to Tamworth for a walk around the Tameside Local Nature Reserve, around a 25 minute walk south of the railway station. After my evening train ride and walk a few weeks ago in Ambergate and Whatstandwell, I am hoping…… Continue reading Tameside Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth

Return to Whatstandwell and Ambergate, April 2022

On Tuesday 26th April 2022, I decided to go for an early evening train ride up to one of my favourite parts of the world, the Derwent Valley. Most of my travels happen during the daytime (or very early on a Saturday morning), when it’s less busy, but I always fancied an evening stroll along…… Continue reading Return to Whatstandwell and Ambergate, April 2022

2022 Travels – Melton Mowbray

On Monday 25th April, I visited Melton Mowbray at the third attempt. My first attempt in November was thwarted by the weather, my second in January was ended by a cancelled train, but there were no such problems this time, apart from another cancelled train. I was able to catch an earlier one, so it…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Melton Mowbray

2022 Travels – Penkridge

On a very cold and very early Saturday morning, 8th April 2022, I travelled to the historic Staffordshire village of Penkridge, five miles from Stafford. I had to catch three trains to get there, changing at Tamworth and at Stafford. I left Burton on Trent at 06:20 and arrived at Penkridge less than an hour…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Penkridge

The Lost Pubs of Burton on Trent

The brewing capital of the United Kingdom, Burton upon Trent, has kept the United Kingdom and the wider world in beer for hundreds of years. The special qualities of the water table underneath the town, with its underground gypsum deposits, was perfect for brewing beer. That led to many local breweries being established, the biggest…… Continue reading The Lost Pubs of Burton on Trent

Burton on Trent Landmarks #14 – St Peter’s Bridge

Until the summer of 1985, Burtonians had just one way to cross the River Trent by motor vehicle, and that was Burton Bridge. The rise of car ownership and the transfer of brewery traffic from rail to road led to much congestion on the old structure, and so it was decided to build a second…… Continue reading Burton on Trent Landmarks #14 – St Peter’s Bridge

2022 Travels – Grantham

On a sunny Monday morning, 21st March 2022, I ticked off the 64th station on the East Midlands Ranger Area list when I visited Grantham, in Lincolnshire. I had never been to Lincolnshire before, and this was the furthest east I had been to on the challenge. I caught the train at Burton on Trent,…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Grantham

2022 Travels – Landywood, Staffordshire

As part of my mission to visit every single railway station in Staffordshire, I made huge strides towards the finish line on Wednesday 23rd March. It was an unseasonably sunny and warm day, a far cry from the storms just a couple of weeks ago as I made the three-train trip from Burton on Trent…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Landywood, Staffordshire