2022 Travels – Grindleford, Derbyshire

On a grey and miserable Monday Morning, 28th February, I set off from Burton on Trent station to tick off a station on my list of railway stations to visit in Derbyshire. Grindleford was my destination, a small village seven miles west of Sheffield. I caught the train from Burton directly to Sheffield, an express…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Grindleford, Derbyshire

2021 Travels – North West Leicestershire

The WOW (Week off Work) Tour came to an end yesterday (16th September) with a walk in the glorious sunshine of North West Leicestershire, from just outside Measham to Church Gresley, via Donisthorpe and Moira. The first leg of the tour was a long bus ride from Burton on Trent to just outside Measham in…… Continue reading 2021 Travels – North West Leicestershire

2021 Travels – Barton Marina & Tucklesholme Nature Reserve

A day later than advertised (due to the rain on Tuesday), the WOW (Week off Work) Tour moves back to East Staffordshire, with a bus trip to Barton-under-Needwood and a look around the marina and Tucklesholme Nature Reserve The weather today was much more suitable for an afternoon stroll, with plenty of sunshine. I caught…… Continue reading 2021 Travels – Barton Marina & Tucklesholme Nature Reserve