Blog Review of the Year 2022 – Part Two: April – June

After the relentless opening three months of the year, which you can catch up on here, the Martyn’s Blog juggernaut ploughed on through the spring at pace, with two posts a week most weeks. April 2022 April began with a cold and frosty Saturday morning trip to Penkridge in Staffordshire. It’s a beautiful old village,…… Continue reading Blog Review of the Year 2022 – Part Two: April – June

Nottinghamshire Stations – Shireoaks

Previously on Martyn’s Blog… From the [Worksop] war memorial, I headed back up the road to the railway station. I had another train to catch, but I wasn’t going home just yet.Worksop post See the Worksop post for the previous instalment of this gripping saga. After arriving back at Worksop station, I caught the train…… Continue reading Nottinghamshire Stations – Shireoaks