2022 Travels – Nottingham Express Transit 2

Back in September 2021, during the Week Off Work Tour, I visited Nottingham to have a ride on the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) trams. I didn’t do them all in one day, and I planned to come back and do some more of them. On 7th March 2022, I did just that when I took…… Continue reading 2022 Travels – Nottingham Express Transit 2

2021 Travels – Nottingham Express Transit

On Monday 13th September 2021, I had a ride on some of the Nottingham Express Transit tram network, which stretches from Toton Lane in the south west of Nottingham, up to Hucknall in the north, and also down to Clifton in the south. Like many towns and cities in the United Kingdom, Nottingham had its…… Continue reading 2021 Travels – Nottingham Express Transit