Derby Railway Station

Derby railway station is now the only main line railway station in the city of Derby, and one which I have visited many times on the way to and from my travels for this blog. Derby’s central location in England made it an ideal place for the Midland Railway to build their headquarters, turning what…… Continue reading Derby Railway Station

Walsall, West Midlands

On a rather drab and rainy Thursday, 24th November 2022, I went for a train ride down to Walsall in the West Midlands. This blog has all but conquered the East Midlands (and slightly further afield), so I now want to expand my horizons and discover the West Midlands. The journey to Walsall from Burton…… Continue reading Walsall, West Midlands

East Midlands Ranger Area Station #72 – Shirebrook

For the fourth time in 2022, I found myself on a train up the Robin Hood Line to visit the last unvisited station on that line, Shirebrook in Derbyshire. I had previously been up there twice in March (to Hucknall for the Nottingham Express Transit, and to Mansfield and Mansfield Woodhouse) and once in May,…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #72 – Shirebrook

Secrets of Burton #2 – The Trent Bridge Area

Following on from the post about the relics of the old Bass brewing company in Burton, I wanted to share some more secrets of Burton on Trent which are hiding in plain sight. Things which people pass by every day and not even give a second glance to. All of these are located in or…… Continue reading Secrets of Burton #2 – The Trent Bridge Area

East Midlands Ranger Area Station #71 – Crewe

I’m now into the last knockings of the East Midlands Ranger Area challenge. Number 71 of 76 was visited on Tuesday 25th October; the westernmost station at Crewe in Cheshire. I’ve been to all of the stations on the line from Newark Castle to Crewe before, but this was my first time at Crewe itself.…… Continue reading East Midlands Ranger Area Station #71 – Crewe

Staffordshire Stations – Bilbrook and Codsall

As part of my ongoing quest to visit every railway station in Staffordshire, I crossed two very close stations off the list, in the villages of Bilbrook and Codsall, in the very south of Staffordshire. The trip began at Burton on Trent, as usual, and took me to Birmingham New Street station. I don’t often…… Continue reading Staffordshire Stations – Bilbrook and Codsall

Secrets of Burton – The Bass Brewery

The Bass Brewery was founded by William Bass in Burton upon Trent in 1777, and within a century became the biggest brewer in the world. Although it wasn’t Burton’s only brewer, it was probably the most well-known around the UK and the wider world. Burtonians never tire of boasting that Bass’s famous red triangle logo…… Continue reading Secrets of Burton – The Bass Brewery

Derbyshire Stations – Bamford

The latest journey in my quest to visit every railway station in Derbyshire took me to Bamford on a sunny day in September 2022, the 21st. The day got off to a poor start when, upon arriving in Sheffield, I discovered that my train to Bamford had been cancelled due to a broken down train.…… Continue reading Derbyshire Stations – Bamford