Staffordshire Stations – Wilnecote

Although I had technically completed all the stations in Staffordshire recently when I went to Hednesford, I had never actually done a blog post about Wilnecote station. I visited it on 26th May 2021 on an evening stroll from there to Tamworth. Nothing much happened on the way; I visited a fairly nondescript park nearby, then walked back to Tamworth, and caught the next train back to Burton on Trent. Which was probably delayed.

Wilnecote railway station 2021
Wilnecote station in May 2021

Today, May 17th 2023, I went back to WIlnecote, only this time I walked there from Tamworth. I caught the 1752 train from Burton on Trent to Tamworth, where I alighted and then headed almost straight down the road to Wilnecote. I had to walk under an underpass which was covered in graffiti, some of which was legitimately there as part of an effort to brighten up the place, but some of it was also vandalism.

Wilnecote railway station 2023
Wilnecote railway station on May 17th 2023

Wilnecote railway station opened on 16th May 1842 by the Birmingham and Derby Junction Railway. It was originally called Wilnecote and Fazeley, but the name was shortened to its current one in 1904. It is about a mile and a half south of Tamworth, and has a regular hourly service towards Birmingham New Street in the south and Nottingham in the north.

Its station buildings were demolished, I presume some time in the 1960s, and the station is now unstaffed. It is situated under a bridge, and has waiting shelters and a ticket machine on the Birmingham-bound platform. West Midlands Trains run the show at Wilnecote, but none of their trains call there, only CrossCountry services.

I arrived at Wilnecote with plenty of time to spare. Mostly because the train was delayed by about ten minutes, due to signalling problems. After listening to the automated station announcements almost constantly for fifteen minutes, I boarded the train back to Burton on Trent. I was the only passenger to get on the train.

That’s it for this short post which concludes the Staffordshire Stations. Thanks for reading.


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