Tameside Local Nature Reserve, Tamworth

On Wednesday 11th May, I took an evening train from Burton on Trent down the line to Tamworth for a walk around the Tameside Local Nature Reserve, around a 25 minute walk south of the railway station.

After my evening train ride and walk a few weeks ago in Ambergate and Whatstandwell, I am hoping to do a few more evening travels this summer, seeing as the evenings are lighter at this time of year.

I caught the train from Burton down to Tamworth at about ten to six in the evening. It only takes ten minutes, so I arrived around 6 o’clock. I walked from the railway station to the town centre, which was unsurprisingly almost deserted. I made my way to the Tamworth Castle Pleasure Grounds, a place where I have partaken in some pleasure a couple of times in the last couple of years. It had started to rain when I arrived in Tamworth, but it was only a passing shower, and it yielded an impressive rainbow.

Rainbow over the River Anker, Tamworth

The Tameside Local Nature Reserve is around a twenty minute walk from the Tamworth Castle grounds, via a footbridge over the River Tame, close to where it meets the River Anker.

The rain stopped and was replaced by bright sunshine as I walked along the raised pathway between the main road and the nature reserve itself. I soon arrived at the main entrance to the reserve.

The nature reserve was created when the nearby A5 bypass road was constructed, and is home to a variety of birds and animals, including herons, kingfishers, foxes, grass snakes and many more. There was a huge crowd of birds on one of the islands in the middle of the lake, making a heck of a noise.

There were very few people around the nature reserve that evening, just a couple walking their dog and a handful of other people walking dogs or just out for a stroll in the evening sunshine. I happened upon a few little chicks, presumably with their parents. I think they are herons, but I don’t know for sure. By the way, I didn’t go too close to them to get this picture.

New born birds

After about an hour of walking, it was time to head back to the railway station to catch the train just after 8 o’clock back to Burton on Trent. On the way, I saw a couple of fitness classes happening in the car parks near the River Tame footbridge. I would have joined in, but I left my PE kit at school years ago.

I walked through the Castle Grounds again on the way back to the station, where I took the above photo. I have made a note to have a proper day out in Tamworth at some point, visiting the castle and having a right good walk around the castle grounds. I saw that there’s a small replica of the solar system in sculpture form in the grounds, so I look forward to checking that out one day.

When I got to the station, there were not many people around. There was a young lad and a man who I presumed to be his grandfather taking videos of passing freight trains, the same trains whose slow running delayed my train back to Burton by a few minutes. That’s par for the course, though; I don’t think I’ve ever caught a train from Tamworth which has been on time.

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