March 2021 Blog Update

Here we are in March 2021. I still haven’t been anywhere by train since my trip to Longport way back at the end of October 2020. The recent news with regard to lockdown being lifted is heartening, though. After looking at the latest roadmap out of lockdown, I have a vague date in mind for resuming my travels, but I will just have to wait and see what happens. I don’t want to plan anything for definite, only to be disappointed when it doesn’t happen.

Even though I haven’t been able to go anywhere new for the past four months, I have still managed to put together a few blog posts, based on previous travels and a look at football in Burton on Trent down the years. Since the Longport post, I have written about my late summer trip up the canal to Willington, a day trip to York in 2016, the stations at Tutbury & Hatton and Uttoxeter and a visit to Edinburgh and the 1988 Glasgow Garden Festival.

In very exciting news, I heard this week that there will be a sculpture trail coming to the city of Derby this summer, from 27th May to 22nd August. The Derby Ram Trail will consist of 30 colourful 5ft rams dotted around the city, all crafted by regional, professional, emerging and as yet undiscovered artists. You can find out more about this at their website, and you can also search for the Derby Ram Trail on all the popular social media platforms. There was a similar sculpture trail in Burton last summer, when 25 wooden swans flocked to the town.

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